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Mafna Air Technologies

Custom Air Handling Units

Compact and efficient custom designed HVAC equipment. Industrial Custom Air Handling up to 180,000 CFM.The result is saving in space up to 25% and energy up to 30%.

Mafna is a leader in providing high quality solutions for Hazardous areas like Waste Water Treatment Plants, Classified areas. 

Mafna can Design, Engineer and Manufacture a fully functional Pre-fabricated Mechanical / Boiler Room eliminating the need of having a brick and mortar mechanical room which results in space and cost saving.

Mafna is capable of providing all types of energy recovery solutions for any application. Plate and Frame HX, ERW, Heat Wheel, Heat Pipe, Run-around coil, Wrap Around coil.

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Indoor Pool Dehumidification  

PoolPak dehumidification solutions include a variety of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, in addition to an industry-leading PoolPak support network.

With more than 45 years of experience in indoor pool dehumidification equipment manufacturing, PoolPak is the most well-known brand in the industry.

Dehumidification Systems with Build-on-Site Option for Indoor Pools with Surface Areas 4,000 to 64,000 sqft.



Compact and Specially Designed Residential Air Handling Units 

Geniox side-by-side air handling units. Low height, high performance.
Geniox Side-by-Side (SBS) range have a flatter, wider design than double deck versions.

For rooftop and Indoor Installation.

Low height: less visible from street level;

High energy efficiency, low operational cost;

Easy installation;

Comply with common height restrictions;

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