Convectors, Unit Heaters and Fan Coils

Hydronic Cooling & Heating (Steam and Hot water); Unitaire IV Fan Coil; Superior Performance Blower Coil; Belt Drive Air Handler; Vertical Stack Fan Coil ; Cabinet Units ;


 Radiant Ceiling Panels

Airtite radiant ceiling systems circulate hot or cold water through concealed copper tubing providing sustainable heating and cooling with minimal air ventilation requirements.

USA Coil & Air

Replacement Coils

USA Coil & Air is one of the largest and oldest replacement coil companies.

Hot Water/Chilled Water/Steam and DX Coils.

Fluid Coolers, Belt Drive AHU & Fan Coil Units.

Patented burst resistant design guarantees against freeze damage. Developed by USA Coil & Air, Sentry Guard addresses the need for freeze protection by providing internal pressure relief well before catastrophic damage occurs.


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